Continuing our commitment to sustainability and the environment

November 10, 2020

At Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) we are continually working towards making good business decisions with the aim of making our operations more sustainable. In this context, we’ve recently committed to incorporating a minimum of 10% renewable energy sources into our electricity supply contact.

This commitment to GreenPower for the next 24 months, means that at least 8.4GWh of the power provided to NCIG per annum will be generated by renewables. This equates to a reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions of approximately 8,000 tonnes each year. This completely offsets the direct (Scope 1) emissions from NCIGs activities.

By using GreenPower, NCIG is making the conscious effort to reduce our impact on the environment and help Australia’s renewable energy sector.

The GreenPower Program is an independent government accreditation scheme and is recognised as the most highly regarded standard for offsite renewables in Australia. Once renewable energy is generated and fed into the grid, it is indistinguishable from energy generated from fossil fuels. Renewable energy is assigned a certificate called a ‘Renewable Energy Certificate’ (REC). While NCIG continues to get energy from the grid, we now net off REC’s against our electricity consumption.

GreenPower is renewable energy sourced from the sun, the wind, water and waste that is purchased by energy companies on behalf of electricity consumers like NCIG. By purchasing GreenPower, NCIG supports large-scale renewable energy generation in Australia while continuing to reduce our carbon footprint.