The prevention of injuries and proactive management of the safety of our people is our number one priority

Our people are at the heart of our business and the prevention and active management of any injuries to our workers is our number one priority. Our culture encourages safe behaviours and fosters an environment where workers feel safe to speak freely about and proactively manage health and safety matters. 

Our terminal is an industrial site and as such, many of our people work with heavy machinery, which requires extensive collaboration and coordination. We take great pride in working at our terminal and are committed to the safety of all employees, contractors, visitors, and the environment in which we operate. Everyone at NCIG has a responsibility to uphold our organisation’s high safety standards, and we recognise that our commitment to safety can only be achieved with personal commitment, cooperation and teamwork. 

Our integrated HSEC Management System is certified to ISO45001:2018. We also have bespoke systems and processes including our:

  • Sustain Management System (Sustain) that was designed and developed by NCIG with the goal to simplify and increase the efficiency of hazard and incident reporting
  • Safety Vitals program that focuses on the key fatality risks (Safety Vitals) identified on site and the corresponding critical controls to manage the risk for these tasks 
  • Behavioural safety program Zero Incident Process (ZIP) is an important foundation of our safety culture and forms part of our three-year strategy towards Safety Citizenship

Our Safety Management Approach outlines our safety commitment and goals.

NCIG's Award-Winning Safety Vitals For Life Program

In July 2019, NCIG launched a major work, health and safety initiative focused on engaging our employees and contractors towards managing our critical risks.

We all work to live, and our award-winning Safety Vitals for Life program will ensure we keep safe at work, so we can continue to do the things we love with our family and friends.

Health vitals are what keep us alive, and our Safety Vitals for Life program will challenge us to keep a check on the vitals that are essential to working safely every day. At NCIG there are six risks that form the basis of our Safety Vitals, including:

  • Collision with mobile plant
  • Confined space
  • Damaging energies
  • Falls
  • Cranes & dropped objects
  • Fire & Explosion

Within each identified risk are a series of critical controls and risk owners. The critical controls for each of our safety vitals are not new, but the way we engage with them and apply them to our day-to-day work has changed.

At NCIG our number one priority is to provide a safe work environment for everybody.

Learn more about our Safety Vitals For Life program below or read more at ‘NCIG Wins “Gold Helmet” WHS Business of the Year’.