People & Culture

Our people are key to our success

The excellence of our team is what sets NCIG apart. The importance of our people is reflected in our values and everything we do. NCIG has a lean and highly productive workforce of 107 employees. Our workforce is supplemented by contracted labour to support our operations and maintenance activities during peak periods.

We recognise that the people working for NCIG and the culture that we have fostered has been integral to our achievements to date. As our business is now well established, we are focused on ensuring our culture is maintained and developed. To do this, we are implementing systems and processes to ensure long term success and sustainability. We continue to work on our people and culture priority areas across the business, with our key objectives to:

  • develop a positive workplace culture that aligns with our company values
  • create an environment for a stable and engaged workforce
  • ensure the workplace is capable of continuous improvement
  • develop a flexible workforce able to respond to the changing needs of the business.

An overview of our focus areas, commitments, goals and FY24 targets for People and Culture is provided below.

We cultivate a safe, healthy, inclusive and innovative working environment for our people.

Focus Areas


  • Put our people‚Äôs safety, physical and mental health first
  • Integrate agility, diversity, and inclusion in all areas of our business
  • Provide training and development opportunities that ensure our people remained engaged and are ready for their next career challenge


  • Maintain safe work environment and industry best practice standards
  • Maintain a workplace that protects and promotes good mental health and wellbeing – focus on leaders
  • Increase the diversity of employee group
  • Increase knowledge and skill capacity to stimulate innovation

We cultivate a safe, healthy, inclusive and innovative working environment for our people.