Training & Development

We provide training and development opportunities that ensure our people remain engaged and are ready for their next career challenge

Our people are key to our success and their personal growth and career development is important to us. The personal growth and career development of our people increases their engagement, strengthens their motivation, and encourages teamwork.

We invest in the education and professional development of our people by offering a diverse range of learning and development opportunities. This includes apprenticeship and graduate programs, to shadowing, job rotation, and leadership and specialist training. We also support on the job experience and formal education. Our employees are also provided several opportunities each year to participate in training and development outside the core requirements of their role.

We support and encourage our people to do their personal best and we want them to share their interests and values so that we can determine relevant and appropriate training and career development opportunities. We learn what their training and development goals are through annual performance appraisals, routine quarterly development meetings with managers, and our biennial voluntary employee engagement surveys.

Our Training and Development Management Approach outlines are commitments and goals. 

Leadership Training program

Our leaders are integral to realising our people and culture objectives. We support the development of their knowledge and skills so they can facilitate the execution of our strategic and cultural aspirations. Our leadership program for Executive, Senior and Frontline Leaders aims to build leadership fitness and skills capability to help our leaders meet the high demands of their role.

NCIG’s leadership program, delivered by 10,000 hours, acknowledges leadership as a fitness and is centred on creating a learning environment where leaders can practice and enhance their leadership skills with the support of their peers and develop the relationship building and capability growing skills of their teams.

Over a two-year period, our leaders are participating in the 10,000 Hours Leadership Program. As a peer-based learning program, our leaders are developing their skills in small groups and teams, supporting each other and tackling individual and business-wide challenges by sharing their knowledge and experiences. Externally facilitated sessions are held with smaller teams comprising different levels of knowledge and expertise, with one-on-one coaching sessions providing more personalised training. The emphasis on hands-on and putting key learnings into practice is an approach that has been effective in developing communication and strengthening relationships throughout our organisation.