Critical Infrastructure

Supporting Australia’s coal industry

NCIG is a critical infrastructure provider to the Australian coal export industry, sustainably providing a premier logistics service to our customers. Our facilities include rail, coal storage, ship loading facilities and associated infrastructure. Based at the world’s largest export port in the Port of Newcastle, NCIG’s export terminal safely transports our customers’ coal from rail to ship. By linking mines to the end customer, our services generate strong economic benefits both locally and nationally.

The Hunter Valley Coal Chain includes approximately 35 coal mines operated by 11 coal producers (HVCCC, 2019). The ability of individual Hunter Valley coal producers to meet potential market demand for their coal depends on there being sufficient capacity in the coal supply chain (that is, railway and port infrastructure) to facilitate export.

The Hunter Valley rail network is an integral part of the world’s largest coal export supply chain. The entire supply chain is interlinked, with the stockpiling and loading capacity of the mines and Port terminals affecting the operation of the supply chain.

Through our unique stockpiling capability, we can de-link rail transport and ship loading, which helps to alleviate congestion and improve efficiency on the rail network, as rail movements can be spread more evenly (that is, rail movements are not determined by the timing of ships arriving at the Port).

Our stockpiling capacity arrangement, therefore, provides flexibility and efficiency not only for our customers but also across the supply chain.