Optimising sustainable operations

Our customers are at the core of our business and the very reason we exist. Our vision and mission clearly articulate our commitment to providing a reliable high-quality service that is considerate of our customers’ needs – helping them achieve their best possible outcomes.

We proactively and strategically manage our material sustainability impacts and consider this integral to business resilience and financial success. Our sustainability strategy embodies our sustainability achievements and ethos to date and portrays our ambitions and directions for the future. It demonstrates how we embed environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations at the core of our operations, and how we mitigate and manage our risks.

Our robust management systems and processes help us to operate responsibly and efficiently to minimise our footprint and to create positive outcomes for our stakeholders. We take a whole of the business cultural approach to optimising sustainable operations, living our values of teamwork, involvement and achievement. Our continuous improvement mindset empowers our people, encourages collaboration and promotes innovative thinking. It also helps us service the needs of our customers, safeguard the interests of our stakeholders and the environment, and ensure business continuity.

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Sustainability Strategy

NCIG’s sustainability strategy highlights what matters most to our business. It embodies our achievements and ambitions, and demonstrates how we incorporate environmental, social and governance considerations into the way we work.

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Sustainability Policy

NCIG’s Sustainability Policy outlines our commitment to optimising sustainable operations.

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Management Approach

NCIG’s has customised its management approach for all key focus areas. Each approach includes commitments, goals & targets, systems & processes.

Our suite of management approach documents prioritise risk management, effective systems and appropriate controls while enabling us to optimise sustainable operations.

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Annual Sustainability Reports

Our annual Sustainability Reports highlight our performance achievements across all operational focus areas. NCIG has reported in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting framework since 2019.

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