Community Support Program (CSP)

Our (CSP) caters for local community and not-for-profit organisations looking for funding assistance with an event, small project or purchase of equipment.

Applications open twice a year, generally in March and September. Grants are typically awarded up to $10,000 AUD and we require that the funds provided by NCIG are matched by existing funding or partnerships that are already in place. This is to ensure the project is not solely reliant on NCIG funding and therefore, the resilience of the program or project being funded.

NCIG’s CSP has been funding the region for over 10 years and with every bi-annual round, the program is growing in diversity and reach. To ensure NCIG is empowering as many local organisations as possible, organisations will now only be eligible for one grant per calendar year. With the rise in need for community services, this will ensure our region can continue to thrive and develop as it should.

Due to the large number of applications received each year, funding is not guaranteed. NCIG may elect to partially fund applications, where deemed appropriate by the Assessment Panel. NCIG reserves the right to make discretionary decisions regarding the awarding of grants.

Our next round of funding opens in September 2024.

See who was awarded a grant in our September 2023 round.

If you have any queries, please contact us via email


Application Guidelines


Eligible applicants are those who:

  • Can demonstrate the capacity to use funds effectively for the benefit of the Newcastle area. NCIG has a particular focus on the communities located close to the NCIG terminal such as Mayfield, Warabrook, Stockton and Fern Bay, however applications from across the Newcastle region are equally encouraged.
  • Respond to a need that leads to tangible outcomes with community or environmental benefits.
  • Assist the community at large rather than an interest group or set of individuals.
  • Are a not-for-profit organisation, organisation registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) or local community focused group.
  • Has not received an NCIG Community Support Program grant within the same calendar year as the application period.
  • Applications for funding must be submitted using the NCIG CSP application form.


NCIG will typically not fund;

  • An organisation who has received funding from NCIG’s Community Support Program within the current calendar year.
  • Private companies seeking finance for individual business activities.
  • General operations such as salaries or other ‘business as usual’ activities.
  • Capital works projects.
  • Political parties.
  • Projects that are traditionally funded by governments.

Project budget

  • All applications should include a justified budget that explains how funding would be spent, if successful.
  • Successful applicants will be paid non-recurrent and one-off funding for their approved program/project.
  • Applications for the purchase of equipment over $1,000 in value must be accompanied by two written quotes.
  • Please note, NCIG reserves the right to award an amount less than what is requested in the application.


It is a condition upon receiving a grant that the successful applicant will assume all normal commercial responsibilities including public risk and/or any other appropriate insurance cover for the project.


Information associated with applications will remain confidential unless otherwise approved by the applicant and kept in accordance with NCIG’s Privacy Policy.

Applicant’s organisational structure

  • If your organisation is not a legally constituted body, you will need to provide the name of a suitable organisation (for example a registered charitable organisation or an incorporated body) which is prepared to receive and administer the grant on your, or your organisation’s behalf.

Incomplete/late applications

  • Incomplete application forms will not be reviewed. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all fields are completed prior to submission to NCIG for consideration.
  • Late applications will not be considered but may be deferred until the next intake of applications.
  • Applications close at 11:59 p.m. on the final day of the application window.

Frequency of call for applications

  • Applications for funding are invited twice a year, in March and September.

Assessment of applications

NCIG will convene an Assessment Panel (the Panel) to consider all eligible applications. The Panel will consider the total budget available for the funding round and the following questions when assessing funding applications:

  • Does the organisation fit within the required eligibility criteria?
  • Does the application align with NCIG’s identified focus areas?
  • What are the benefits to the broader Newcastle community
  • What will be achieved and is it lasting?
  • What difference will the funding make in the achievement of tangible outcomes?
  • Is the budget for the project realistic?
  • Is the organisation capable of efficiently managing the project?
  • Could the project be successful with a smaller amount than requested?

NCIG will also use additional criteria at its discretion where relevant.

Project approval and notification

All applicants will be notified by NCIG in writing following the approval or rejection of an application. 

An applicant may receive less than the requested value.

Reporting requirements

Successful applicants are expected to provide:

  • Regular reports on progress of the project and financial expenditure as required;
  • A completed report on the outcome of the project.
  • Provide media of their event or project, e.g. photos

Promotional and media opportunities

Successful applicants may be requested to participate in media events and/or promotion for NCIG.