Our Strategy

Sustainability Strategy Overview

NCIG’s Sustainability Strategy Overview highlights our commitments, goals and targets for each of our key focus areas. 

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our Sustainability Strategy includes commitments, goals, and FY24 targets that align with the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our strategy is aligned to five key pillars:

  • Customers
    We work collaboratively with our customers to help them achieve their best possible outcome.
  • Governance
    Our robust systems and processes support the delivery of our commitments and objectives.
  • People & Culture
    We cultivate a safe, healthy, inclusive and innovative working environment for our people.
  •  Plant & Environment
    We ensure the resilience of our operations while minimising our impacts on the environment.
  • Community & Stakeholders
    We collaborate with communities, industry partners and government to achieve positive social and economic outcomes.