Community & Stakeholders

At NCIG, we believe we have a responsibility to contribute to the community in which we operate, and that being connected to our community is an important part of our approach to sustainability. We welcome constructive interaction and actively engage and cooperate with our community and our key stakeholders on every facet of our business. NCIG strongly believes that open, honest and transparent communications with our community and our key stakeholders are key drivers for our business’s success.

An overview of our focus areas, commitments and goals for our Community and Stakeholders is provided below:

Focus Areas


  • Contribute to local economic prosperity through local employment and procurement
  • Invest in the STEM talent pipeline of today and tomorrow and contribute to building local technical capability
  • Commit our capabilities and resources to support our community education, health and environmental sustainability


  • Support local economy and prosperity
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with local community and other stakeholders that lead to positive business outcomes
  • Maintain positive interactions with local community groups to maintain social licence to operate

We collaborate with communities, industry partners and government to achieve positive economic and social outcomes.