FY2021 Sustainability Report Released

November 21, 2021

The report highlights NCIG’s performance in the areas of operational capability, safety, environment, community as well as continuous improvement and innovation.

Structured around our people, culture, plant, environment, community, stakeholders and our customers, the report provides a great overview of the challenges faced and the achievements of our team during the reporting period, including but not limited to:

  • 44.7Mtpa coal handled
  • 477 ships loaded 10% certified green energy
  • $40.5M local economic spend 7
  • 70% reduction in potable water consumption
  • $292,000 in community support & investment
  • 45 local community groups supported
  • 703 days recordable injury free (MTI or LTI)
  • #1 WHS Business of the Year (Hunter Safety Awards)
  • 95% employee engagement survey response rate
  • $35,000 raised as part of employee led Mental Health Awareness campaigns

Read NCIG’s 2021 Sustainability Report in its entirety here.