Victor de Souza

Victor joined NCIG in 2009 and is responsible for NCIG’s customer assurance portfolio, which includes planning, logistic, live-run, Ship or Pay and industry integration. He has held a number of positions within the organisation before being appointed Manager Customer Assurance in 2021, including Commercial Manager, SoP Specialist and Project Manager (Systems).

In his roles, Victor has seen the development of NCIG from its initial construction through to its current operations. With over 18 years of experience at all levels in mining and heavy industry, his extensive skills in contract negotiation, inventory logistics, warehouse management, cost control, customer service, business systems design and implementation are an asset to NCIG.

Before joining NCIG, Victor held positions at UGM Engineers, and holds a CPA qualification, postgraduate degree in Accounting and a Bachelor of Business and Marketing from the University of Newcastle.

Victor also serves as an alternate director on the Hunter Valley Coal Chain Co-Ordinator Board.